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Reach consumers on more websites with locally targeted ads, including exclusive placement on KFSM.

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All-inclusive advertising packages that don’t break the bank.

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We're committed to delivering exceptional value to our advertisers. That's why we guarantee a minimum average number of Customer Actions per month.

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All-inclusive advertising package:

Increase Brand Awareness

Banner Ad & Exclusive Branding on KFSM

Extremely limited inventory. Only one spot available for each industry.

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Mobile Banner Ad

Reach customers within 5 miles of your business on 1,000s of mobile websites and apps.

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1-Minute HD Business Video ($299 value)

Get a custom video about your business to use on your website, Facebook, and YouTube.

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Business Profile (Search Optimized)

Reach more consumers with a search optimized Business Profile page, featuring your business information, video, images, and special promotions.

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Remind your website visitors about your business on Facebook.

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Generate Leads

Mobile Website

Convert more "on-the-go" shoppers to leads with a mobile website that lets you collect emails, and track and record phone calls.

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LocalSaver Network ($1,137/month value)

Distribute all your coupons and special offers to 15+ of the most popular coupon websites & mobile apps.

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Proven Tools for Best Performance:

Marketing Dashboard

Track your advertising campaign performance and compare to other businesses in your industry.

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Smart Recommendations

Improve your campaign performance with data-driven, personalized recommendations that are easy to implement in just a few clicks.

Success Center

Best practices, tutorials, 1-minute how-to videos, and FAQs are available 24/7.

Live Phone Support

Contact our world class Customer Success Team by phone or email.

Big Business Marketing.
Small Business Budget.

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