DataSphere Technology

The Team

Our patented technologies were developed by dozens of hand-picked veterans from top-tier technology companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Expedia, and AltaVista, to name just a few. Working in a unique environment that rewards innovation, responsibility and teamwork, our industry experts have not only created a series of best-in-class technologies, but they are also the secret to our ability to remain on the cutting edge and rapidly increase the value we deliver.

The Service

The DataSphere platform is comprised of the hardware, software and infrastructure responsible for powering the suite of sites we maintain on behalf of our business clients. More specifically, the platform is a general-purpose, extensible and scalable set of services which currently manage over 1,500 professional, high-traffic websites, each with catalogs of thousands to millions of items.

DataSphere achieves its massive scalability using grids of cloud-based commodity servers and the latest scalable technologies. With our multi-tenant SaaS-based platform, our customers can manage their sites from any web browser using our extensive feature set.

Our services feature world-class capabilities, including:

  • Integrated web-based content management with WYSIWYG editing, roles and rights-based administration
  • Semantic search with automatic statement completion (suggestions) and “did you mean” functionality
  • Long-tail content discoverability via faceted search refinements, automatic topic pages, and content targeting
  • High-frequency/high volume data mash-up services for importing and integrating structured information from diverse sources
  • Role-specific site functionality
  • Multi-level taxonomies
  • Push-button site deployments
  • Full-feature community feature set with UGC, discussions, voting and Facebook, Flickr and Twitter integration
  • Self-service portal for businesses and consumers, allowing them granular management of their content
  • Extensive geo-meronymy (location taxonomy)
  • Integrated outbound marketing features including SEO, SEM and auto-syndication

And, of course, we provide extreme scalability, reliability and performance:

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, continuously monitored service response
  • 99.9 percent or greater availability (3rd party verified) with extensive statistics-based process monitoring
  • Fully redundant, high-availability, fault-tolerant service-oriented architecture
  • Continuous watchdog operations and alert systems
  • Multi-layer, multi-machine scalable content caching
  • Continuous integration with other cloud service providers, including Amazon’s S3 and CloudFront CDN services

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