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More adults now get their local news from the internet than print newspapers. This has created a large—and growing—online audience for local advertisers. You may already work with regional advertisers, but are you missing out on the local small business market?

That’s where DataSphere comes in.

DataSphere sparks the connection between major media companies and local businesses. We provide complete strategic, technical and tactical support to help you reach over 13 million small business advertisers. Our team of extensively trained sales specialists will prospect and sell the targeted inventory that we help you develop.

Our world-class technology enhances your websites, adding neighborhood news, events and deals to create a compelling destination for local customers and advertisers. Nearly 60% of consumers are more likely to engage with ads from nearby businesses*. But building the technology isn't all we do. We also define the surrounding advertising services, and our sales team has specialized know-how to help you surpass what you might accomplish through in-house or third-party small business sales channels. In most cases, we work with our media partners on a revenue share basis--with no risk and no up-front fees. We don't make money unless we make you money.

This unique combination of proven turnkey technology and expert sales knowledge is why some of the biggest names in media have chosen DataSphere to rapidly increase their online revenue base.

*Forrester Research

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